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Hi all

I am sure most people don't enjoy the feeling of crawling into a damp wetsuit and have come across this product on their search for enlightment.

I suppose to get to the cut and thrust of my review I will answer the most important and frequently asked question. Does it work?

The answer to this question is yes with a bit of a but.

The but is the suit  WILL dry your wetsuit in about 8-12 hours depending on thickness IF the input air temperture is at 25 degrees C or more, The hotter the input temp the quicker the drying time.

This is fine if you can hang your Hangair in a bathroom or other ventilated area where air temperatures could be expected to be 20-25 degrees C or more. Otherwise if you have to hang your suit in the garage or under a shelter you can expect drying times of up to 5 days on a 5mm suit or a whopping 9 days to fully dry a 7mm suit. drying times could be expected to be shorter on lighter summer suits.

These are the drying times as I found them on the various suits I have 5mm and 7mm. Underwater Kinetics dont specify an exact drying time in fairness to them.

The hanger itself is very well made and fits inside the neck of chest-zip and back zip wetsuits easily and comes with a 15 foot adaptor for good access to remote mains. There is also a 12vdc cigar plug option for use in leisure vehicles while on the go.

I suppose one of the downsides is the noise generated by the DC motor when the hanger is in use. You will defintely be able to hear it buzzing away pushing 120 cubic feet of air per minute in the ensuite while your trying to rest up for the morning session. The noise might drive some to sticking it in the garage and result in extended drying times. Its also big and a little cumbersome if you plan on bringing it with you.

I suppose with evenings starting to stretch and the possibility of evening sessions starting it is nice to have a dry wetsuit on hand and this is one way to get that without a quiver of wetsuits, with prices from about 49.99GBP it is a little expensive but you can expect increased service life from your wetsuit as the suit is dryed completely preventing the formation of mould.

Its probably the weirdest surf gadget out there but I dont regret buying it.

Yours in truth



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The sound would drive me nuts! Whats wrong with the clothesline in summer and the shower/ hot press combo in winter :P



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