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Just back from the Canaries where I got to rent the new Fanatic 10' 6" SUP for a week. Here is the skinny.

The board specs were

Fanatic Fly 10’ 6” HRS Construction;

Volume: 180 ltrs

Length: 320

Width: 78,7



Fittings: 8“+4,5“; US box centre fin, Future side-fin boxes

By midday everyday the weather was cloudless, sunny at 31 degrees, witha strong cross to onshore breeze, so I went out early in the morning and late in the evening when the wind had died and the weather was a balmy 22 - 24 degrees in boardies and an Indo hat.

At home I ride a Starboard 12' Big Easy which I find stable even in chop and has lots of forward glide in calm conditions + is easy to get into waves on. By contrast, and to be honest the Fanatic 10'6" is built for a lighter rider, I found the Fanatic had little to no forward glide in calm water, the sweet spot for me was with my toes aligned to the back half of the carry handle and as a result I kept sinking the tail, also I found the rails too easy to sink so although I was able to paddle the board over a week, it was not an overall cruisey experience as such; Wave wise it was flat where I was staying for the week and as this was primarly R&R I had not intention of hiring a car and driving to look for them, so cannot comment on the wave catching abilities of the board, Overall, this is a reasonably good board if you are a lighter or younger rider, its tough construction and relatively low weight would make it a good bet for a teenager or a woman but for a beefy bloke like me it does not compare either to the 12' Starboard or the 11' 6" Naish Nalu.

If you want to get your hands on one and try it out, I believe they stock them in Surfdock.


Its all about the glide, baby !

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